Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 20, 2020 Watch our live-streamed worship service: You can follow the liturgy and hymns here: We have been working our way through the ‘Songs of the Season’ this Advent, beginning with the prophet Isaiah, then Zechariah’s song of praise and Mary’s Magnificat. Today we get to hear the shortest song, but one thatContinue reading “Fourth Sunday in Advent”

Third Sunday in Advent

This week’s live-streamed worship video can be found here: Follow along with the liturgy and hymns: December 13, 2020 Today’s Song of the Season is one of the best-known in scripture: Mary’s Magnificat. On the Third Sunday of Advent we light the pink Gaudete candle (Latin for ‘rejoice’), and we can hear Mary’s joyContinue reading “Third Sunday in Advent”

Second Sunday in Advent

December 6, 2020 Watch our live-streamed worship service on Youtube: You can join in the liturgy and hymns with the documents below: As we continue looking at some of the Songs of the Season in Advent, we turn to the first baby born in the Christmas narrative, a few months before the stable sceneContinue reading “Second Sunday in Advent”

First Sunday in Advent

November 29, 2020 Happy New Year! Join our virtual worship, live-streamed on our Youtube channel: The bulletin and hymn sheet are available here: As we begin a new liturgical year on the church calendar, we find ourselves once again in Advent. I know that many folks are feeling the weight of the season ofContinue reading “First Sunday in Advent”