April 2022 Newsletter Addition


Our mission project of the Community Blessing Box is off and running! The beautifully constructed box by Larry Stone has now been installed outside the church and is already in service. Additionally, we are in the process of collecting our 40 Cans for 40 Days to be able to fill the box with much needed items. Please continue to donate items or if you would prefer, you may make monetary contributions. Please come by and see the beautiful Blessing Box or checkout our church’s Facebook page to see a picture of it. This is truly a huge benefit to our community!


Spring is here! Once again we are asking for donations to the Landscaping Fund. The money in the fund and any donations will be used to tidy up the outside areas of our church by trimming trees, bushes, and shrubs, and by mulching. We will also use flowers and plants purchased with the money to place in the sanctuary on Easter Sunday, and then those plants will be planted outside.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated! Please include “Landscape Fund” on your check.

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