An Announcement from Rev. Rust

Friends in Christ,

The Book that We Love is full of stories about people on journeys – Abraham and Sarah, the children of Israel, even our Lord himself through the Galilee. God’s people are a pilgrim people. We are all of us on a journey ever deeper into the heart of God. And sometimes, we are given the gift of walking together for a season, and then our paths diverge.

Just as I was called to pastor First Presbyterian Church in Bluefield, God is now calling me to the next leg of my journey in ministry. I have accepted the pastorate of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, TN. My last Sunday in Bluefield will be October 10th.

While I am excited for this new opportunity, I also grieve the leave-taking it involves. I have been richly blessed to be a part of this community in West Virginia. We have learned and grown together as the Spirit has seen us through challenging and joyous times.

I trust the Spirit will continue to faithfully watch over all of us during the steps ahead. Know that I pray for you as the journey continues, as I hope you pray for me.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Maggie Rust

*We will continue to livestream worship to our Youtube channel, but this Sunday (Sept. 19, 2021) will be the last with online Reflection Questions from the sermon text.

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